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Essential Job Training


Even Tom Cruise couldn’t serve a cocktail in Sydney without the correct job training. In Australia, Health and Safety laws require that workers in certain professions (including Hospitality & Construction) undergo compulsory basic training and become certified to be eligible for employment.

RSA Responsible Service of Alcohol course

All hospitality staff must hold certification known as an RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) before being eligible for employment on licensed premises. You will also need RGS (Responsible Gambling Services) certification to work in premises with gambling facilities. For those with little or no hospitality experience, Pub Skills or Barista Skills training courses may worthwhile, to gain the skills and experience you need to get the perfect job.

Green Card / White Card course

To work on a construction site in NSW it is a requirement that you hold an OH&S General Induction Certificate or “Green / White Card” as it’s commonly known.

Road Traffic Control Blue Card

To work as a Traffic Controller in NSW and operate a STOP/SLOW bat, it is a Roads & Traffic Authority requirement that you hold a current Traffic Controllers Photo Licence, commonly known as a ‘Blue Card’